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Never mind what agents tell you, never mind what you read in the papers, auctions are a financial minefield for consumers.

Despite the booms in many areas, thousands of homesellers are turning their backs on auction and benefiting. But there are still thousands of sellers who don't realise, until it's too late, what happens to them at auction.

They get a LOWER price, that's what happens.

If someone is trying to talk you into selling by auction, then before you sign anything, please read this.

As a seller determined to achieve the highest possible price in the current market, the one thing that you should never do is let your interested buyers know what other offers you have received. When buyers competing offers are disclosed to one another at an auction, they do not focus on offering the highest price they are respectively willing, able and prepared to pay.

The buyers focus on beating the competition and winning the auction rather than paying their maximum price.

' want to know the highest price every buyer is prepared to pay for your property...'

Selling your home can be a nightmare of frustration and disappointment. It can cost you thousands of dollars, either in selling too cheaply or in needless expenses.

It need not be this way ...

Selling your home should be a pleasant and rewarding experience. You should receive the highest possible price at the lowest possible cost.

This will help you avoid eighteen costly mistakes made by home sellers. It will help you achieve the highest price at the lowest cost. It will make selling your home a pleasant and rewarding experience.