Talking Property - 2017 in Review

Much has been said and written about the Sydney property market during 2017. Despite much doom and gloom reporting, Sydney property prices will finish the year higher than they were on January 1 2017. Australia's best property analyst, Louis Christopher recently joined us to provide his thoughts on the market. In the first of this two-part interview, Louis explains exactly how the market performed in numbers rather than personal opinion. The second interview will be released in early January with Louis' forecast for 2018.   


The traditional real estate agent is under attack from the left and the right. On the one hand, companies such as Buy My Place are teaching consumers how to sell without a real estate agent. On the other, UK outfit Purple Bricks hit Sydney in recent times to offer home sellers a real estate agent whose total fees are under $6000.

The traditional full service, full fee agent is coming to realise the real estate office next door and down the road is not their only competition.



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