Video - Talking Property

  • Talking Sydney Property - Forecast for the Second Half of 2018
    Peter O'Malley from Harris Partners Real Estate is joined by property analyst Louis Christopher of SQM Research to take a look at what we may expect from the Sydney property market for the second half of 2018, including which segments will perform the best plus where do the major risks lie for both buyers and sellers.



  • What is conditioning?

    We hear a lot about 'conditioning' in the real estate market, so what does it mean? Whether you're a buyer or seller, our team break it down...

  • Selecting the right property manager

    What you should know when considering whether to purchase an investment property...

  • Running a dynamic campaign

    When a property goes on the market, the internet guarantees an instant reaction. For this reason, it is important to tailor a campaign that is unique to your property.

  • Advertising v marketing

    Many people aren't aware of the difference between advertising and marketing, however, when selling your home it is vital to understand the significance this will have in the campaign... 

  • Benefits of the silent auction

    The objective of the silent auction is to elicit each and every buyer's maximum price for a property, with its success equally dependent on the right agent and the right circumstance.

  • Setting the right price

    When trying to determine what the fair value of a property is, there are two factors that you must take into consideration - comparable sales and the market strength at that present time... 

  • The value of an agent

    A good real estate agent will be an asset to the sale campaign and should go above and beyond to create value. As a consumer, you should know what to expect from an agent...

  • The Harris Partners way

    To most people, buying and selling real estate is one of the most stressful things they can do. Harris Partners guarantees to deliver the highest possible price, with the lowest possible stress and a “no risk” marketing campaign.