Video - Talking Property

  • Talking Property - 2018 Property Forecast

    Some respected property analysts have forecast a price drop of up to 10% for Sydney housing in 2018. Louis Christopher is Australia's most respected property analyst. He is far more optimistic about the Sydney market in 2018. We recently caught up with Louis and put the tough questions to him about the property market. Louis is not afraid to go against consensus and his upbeat assessment of the property market will surprise many.

  • Benefits of the silent auction

    The objective of the silent auction is to elicit each and every buyer's maximum price for a property, with its success equally dependent on the right agent and the right circumstance.

  • Setting the right price

    When trying to determine what the fair value of a property is, there are two factors that you must take into consideration - comparable sales and the market strength at that present time... 

  • The value of an agent

    A good real estate agent will be an asset to the sale campaign and should go above and beyond to create value. As a consumer, you should know what to expect from an agent...

  • The Harris Partners way

    To most people, buying and selling real estate is one of the most stressful things they can do. Harris Partners guarantees to deliver the highest possible price, with the lowest possible stress and a “no risk” marketing campaign.