Talking Property with Patrick Bright

Renowned buyer’s agent and author Patrick Bright recently joined Harris Partners’ Peter O’Malley to discuss the current property market.

Patrick has been a buyer’s agent for over 20 years and has witnessed many of the trends, tricks and traps that buyers and sellers experience in the property market.   In this discussion, we take a deep dive into the somewhat recent trend of transacting ‘off market’. We look at the pit falls & benefits for buyers and sellers in the process and the reasons why it has suddenly become so popular.   Patrick has bid and bought more real estate at public auctions than most in the housing market. In that time he has established strategies to deal with most sets of circumstances in the auction market. Vendors and buyers will find his insights invaluable.


At the time of writing, everything in our society is so fluid, predictions of any kind seems foolhardy. As an example, interest rates were cut twice in March, the first time we have seen an emergency cut in over 20 years. This barely caused a ripple in the mayhem.

Nevertheless, we have witnessed some early trends which are worth noting and we feel there are some key signals and signposts that are worth following to gauge the market’s performance.

What has happened thus far?

Rental market



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